History and Genealogy Services

There’s no better place to share your family tree or uncover the past than the library! Both Libraries have a collection of genealogical and historical materials for the local area. Library visitors are free to use the Genealogy Room, though certain files do require permission to access.

List of Materials Available to the Public:

• Census Records
• Family Histories 
• Surname Files   
• Newspapers      
• Land Records    
• Cemetery Records

Helpful Genealogy Links:

Tennessee Electronic Library

Tennessee Virtual Archive

Tennessee State Library and Archives

Middle Tennessee Historical Society

Find a Grave


Ancestry.com –  Many historic Tennessee records, including birth, death, and tax lists are available online through a partnership with Ancestry.com. While other Ancestry.com resources require a subscription, these records are free for Tennesseans.

A Thanks to Thomas Webb:

Thomas Webb was a county historian for many years. He worked closely with the library to help build our Surname Files and organize materials within Genealogy Room. He was 88-years-old, when he passed away in October, 2019. He was a U.S. Army Veteran and a member of the Calvary Baptist Church. He was also a retired teacher of 44 years. Thomas Webb had a passion for teaching and history no one could match, he will be missed.